“The Flow Of The Power Gifts”

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit – May 27 PM – Rev. Christopher Alam – AUDIO

Scripture: 1 Cor 13; Eph 3:14


  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit work best within the context of love.
  • We come to a place where we’re so intimate with the Holy Spirit that we begin to flow in the gifts.
  • When we don’t shoe reverence to the Holy Spirit his presence leaves us and then we dangerously try to manufacture that presence. This is when other evil spirits accommodate and can come.
  • Holy Spirit is not a guest, he wants to take over and be in charge.
  • The 9 gifts of the Spirit.
  • People who prophecy are always a bit tainted by their own mind. Keeping a clean mind (not just sin but earthly things).
  • We shouldn’t wait until we receive the gift of healing before we start praying for the sick; we do it because it is in the Bible.
  • Compassion can reach over a person’s unbelief. The more we have compassion the more miracles we can see.
  • Never preach out of what you have faith for, you preach out of the Bible.
  • The anointing is in the preaching of the word regardless if the feeling is there.

Key Quote: The Holy Spirit is not a bartender; he’s not here to get us drunk in the spirit, he is God and we must show him that reverence.

Listen in on our May 27th, 2018 Sunday evening service as Rev. Christopher Alam preaches a powerful Word and Spirit filled message. For ordering CD’s or DVD’s of this sermon, or to order the complete DVD/CD set of all sermons from this powerful series, please feel free to contact our church office.

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