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Tests in spiritual warfare – Oct 16 – Past. Nancy Dufresne – AUDIO

Scripture: Philip 4:11: John 14:30


  • The skill you learn in the previous test should shorten the time you are in the next test.
  • There are the same steps to be taken to get out of a test; God does not change them.
  • The Devil works with patterns just as God does. It is smart to learn them.
  • If you are born again there is no generational curse on you but the Devil still works in patterns to deceive that you can fall.
  • Learn where the Devil exploits, the traps, buttons (danger areas) and get rid of those buttons.
  • Every thought that comes to you do not originate in you; they are either God’s or Satan’s. Satan what’s you to think the bad thoughts are yours.
  • You have a new spirit but not a new mind. If you engage Satan when he fights you in the mental arena he will win; demons are more skillful than you in thought.
  • You have no reason to get into the mental arena when what you need calls for faith.
  • You cannot stop the Devil from talking to you but you can keep from becoming deceived.The Devil likes to test you near the change of seasons so that you don’t know what’s on the other side.
  • The way to live in victory in the wrong place (where it doesn’t make sense in the natural) is by rejoicing.
  • The Devil will always tell you that the steps of faith are too simple to work; but the simplicity of faith is enough.

Steps to exit tests.

  1. Speak the Word; specific word to a specific test.
  2. Tell the spirit taunting you to leave.
  3. Cancel all the words they said by speaking the opposite.
  4. Praise God.

If you don’t cancel the words the demons stay around because the words are still active. They stay around to see what the words will do.

Key Quote: Victory is not the Devil leaving you alone; victory is the Devil speaking and you not giving a rip!

Illustration: Jesus had one prolonged season of tests; he used the word skillfully and never had another like that.

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