“Laying Hold Of Your Freedom”

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Skilfulness in the ways of God – Oct 17 – Past. Nancy Dufresne – AUDIO

Scripture: Col 1:13


  • Being in praise keeps the Devil from getting hold of your mind.
  • If we don’t reject the Devil’s darts immediately it will spread and enlarge within your mind. The Devil isn’t interested in attacking that one are sin your life. He wants that as a door for you to give up and for home to take more ground.
  • In a moment of crisis, when you turn from the mind to the spirit the anointing is bubbling in there to help you.
  • If we are already in the kingdom of light we are already delivered.
  • When the presence of the Lord is there you’ll weep because of the greatness of Him within you.
  • You become skilful in the ways of God bu practicing, remaining full.
  • Every time you yield to your spirit your mind uses skill; every time you yield to your mind your spirit looses skill.
  • When we pray we should already have spent the time getting the truth in us. When we do this the manifestations don’t take long.

Key Quote: Just because you can see the Egyptians doesn’t mean that you’re back in Egypt.

Illustration: A fiery dart of fear strikes suddenly and its fire spreads unless it is quenched immediately.

Listen in on our October 17th, 2018 Wednesday evening service as Pastor Nancy Dufresne preaches a powerful Word and Spirit filled message. For ordering CD’s or DVD’s of this sermon, or to order the complete DVD/CD set of all sermons from this powerful series, please feel free to contact our church office.

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