“Honour… Room… Anointing” Part 1

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Honour Room and Anointing– Nov 4 – Past. Craig Field – AUDIO

Scripture: 1 Ki 17; 2 Ki 4:8


  • Miracles of Elijah and Elisha. Only two dead raising by the hand of a man in the Old Testament.
  • Both ladies had faith, showed honour, made the prophet a home, made a room for the anointing.
  • We’re at the cusp of the greatest move of God in history.
  • Only those following the Biblical pattern will experienced it fully.
  • We are soldiers, farmers and athletes spiritually.

Key Quote: When you’re surrounded by problems and are able to say “all is well” that is faith.

Illustration: In the army the first thing they teach soldiers is how to walk, so they begin learning unity.

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