“Honour… Room… Anointing: Part 2”

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Reverence and honour – Nov 11 – Past. Craig Field – AUDIO

Scripture: 1 Tim 1:18; 2 Ki 4


  • God has His word to guide us in all things but He sometimes gives us direct prophecy.
  • Prophecy should never lead but confirm what our inward witness tells us.
  • God never gives you a prophecy to lead you into something not scriptural.
  • The window in Elijah had not faith, the one in Elisha had faith; both showed honour.
  • No matter where you are in your faith walk you can still show honour.
  • Lack of honour will stop the flow of the anointing. If the Devil stops the anointing he’ll win.
  • Honour is reverence demonstrated. Reverence is an attitude. Honour is an action.
  • Honour is spiritual but they are displayed and executed by natural acts.
  • When it comes to ministry, don’t be searching for the appointment, do what and all you can and God will show you more.

Key Quote: You don’t earn your salvation through works but everything after your salvation is works.

Illustration: The frog will die when he is put in cold water and it gradually boils. This is what the Devil tries with us.

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