“Marvels, Wonders and Extraordinary Manifestations in 2019”

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Wonders of God – Nov 28 – Dr. Jerry Savelle – AUDIO

Scripture: Exo 33:18-19; Deu 7:9; Joel 2:21,30; Psa 96:3-4; Psa 136:3-4; Act 6:8; Rom 15:19; Psa 105:7-8; Job 5:9; Psa 135:3-4; 1 John 5


  • Message for 2019: I will see Marvels wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of God.
  • Miracles are mainly as a testimony for the unbeliever.
  • A wonder is something that only God can explain.
  • Don’t limit God and put Him in a box.
  • Prayer of petition

Key Quote: It will take more than good sermons to win the world in these end days.

Illustration: Jerry’s new Citation #1 jet called “Willy”.

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