The Early Years

Born in Toronto but growing up in South Africa for 10 years, Pastor Craig returned to Canada at 11 years old and was called by God to the full-time, 5-fold ministry at the age of 16. Pastor Craig immediately began preaching that year at Evangel Temple under the leadership of his Pastor, P. Bud Williams and his Youth Pastor, P. Anthony Does. Having already served in MOH for some years prior, he continued to serve, minister, and travel on mission trips as an assistant to Pastor Anthony until he graduated high school and attended World Impact Bible Training Centre in St. Catherines, under the leadership of Pastor Peter Youngren from 1994 – 1996.

Born in Toronto but growing up in Newfoundland, Pastor Jenni heard the call of God when she was 12 years old. After years of being faithful to her local church, God called her to World Impact Bible Training Centre when she was 21 years. Meeting Pastor Craig after completing her schooling she began assisting him in the ministry until they were married in 2001.

After graduating Bible School in 1996 and doing missions work overseas later that year, Pastor Craig returned to Toronto in 1997 and continued serving at Evangel Temple while working secular jobs for 2 years until 1999. That summer he accepted a 2 year Associate Pastor position at Brampton Christian Family Church under the leadership of Pastor Susan Kiteley. In 2001 he entered the itinerant travelling ministry for 5 years, while making Harvest Family Church under Dr. Earlby Coulter his home church while not on the road. During this time in October 2001 he and Jennifer were married and had their first son Quinn in 2005. Expecting to be full-time missionaries to Peru, Pastors Craig and Jenni heard the call of God to “pastor” in 2005 and at the instruction of the Lord, accepted an Associate Pastor position at Harvest Family Church from 2006 to the summer of 2008. Their second son Cole was born in 2006.

The Later Years

Having completed 17 years of preparatory training in a variety of forms, Pastor Craig started Promise of Life Church in his home on October 7, 2008. A month before, God supernaturally connected P. Craig and P. Jenni in a Spiritual Father/ Son/ Daughter relationship with Dr. Ed and Pastor Nancy Dufresne of Murrieta, CA.

Promise of Life grew quickly from October 2008 to December of the same year, and in January 2009, having outgrown their living room in Brampton, Promise of Life moved addresses to St. Barbara Blvd. in Mississauga – the home of Wayne and Lorraine Morris who graciously welcomed POL into their basement. Starting Sunday morning services in January 2009, POL continued to thrive and grow in the Morris basement for 14 months until March 2010 when it moved into a shared building at 140 Capital Court in Mississauga. After a year of joint renting, Promise of Life took full possession of the building in 2011 and began extensive renovations. October 7th, 2016 marked our 8-year anniversary as a church family and complete Pastor Craig’s 25th year of ministry. Also in 2016 the church officially began raising money to purchase the building at 140 Capital Court. Pastor Craig and Jenni’s third son Caleb, was born in 2012 and their fourth son Luke, was born in 2015.