For you stand upon a precipice.

For you stand upon an edge.

Will you move forward?

Will you step out by faith?

For this next year, this next year says the Lord, will be a year of manifested purpose for this congregation.

The purpose that I have for the individual and for the whole, will become clear.

And as they begin to step off that edge, and out into the unknown; as they step off that precipice and move into the things of the Spirit, even so shall there be an increase in My Glory says the Lord.

For I have heard your prayers and I have seen your tears, and it will be the beginnings. Yes, it will be the beginnings.

And do not be dismayed and do not be discouraged when they withstand you, and the ones rise up against you. For I have told you and I will keep My word, that no man will be able to withstand you.

So tell the people to look past that, to look through that, to ignore that and to keep their eye on the prize of the high calling. Tell them to step forth. Tell them to move past the precipice which they find themselves now. Tell them to step out into what seems uncomfortable, tell them to step out of the boat like Peter did. Tell them to step out into the impossible. Tell them to step out into the manifested purpose and to the revealed plan.

For it shall be a year of beginnings, yes it shall even be a year of new beginnings for this ministry. And yes, what has been spoken and what has been prepared in this year, this watershed year, shall now start to be fulfilled and seen in the natural next year.

So be not discouraged for everything in this year has been according to My plan and according to My will. And look forward with anticipation, for even I have heard you say, “the best days are yet to come” and I tell you the truth, I tell you this evening, I tell you the truth, the best days are indeed yet to come.

So tell the people to lift up their voices, tell the people to lift up their eyes and rejoice, for My plan will surely be realized for this church and for this city.

PASTOR CRAIG | 11/24/17